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Shipping & Returns

Return and Refund Policy:

We guarantee against DOA (Dead On Arrival).  We guarantee live arrival and for the coral to be alive for 48 hours after arrival.  You are eligible for store credit if your coral is damaged or DOA.  To be eligible for credit you must send pictures right away.  If damage or death is caused by FedEx damage I'll try to work with you, but they do not honor claims on perishable items. Weather delays and acts of god are not covered by Fedex. Reshipment fee will have to be paid by the buyer if corals are lost due to a weather delay. 

Shipping Policy:

We ship all packages with Fedex Priority overnight. We are no longer offering standard overnight because due to the volume of packages Fedex is handling nowadays this tends to arrive late in the day. These are our flat rates, we do not charge combined shipping fees or other add on fees like some stores. In recent years Fedex has raised rates a lot so sadly we must do the same. We don't charge for our boxes and prefer not to raise our coral prices to make up for shipping costs. 

If you live in a remote area or Fedex tends to deliver late to you, I advise requesting your order be held for pickup at a local Fedex station because it will arrive earlier there.


  • Priority overnight to West Coast - $48
  • Priority overnight to East Coast -    $45
  • Priority Overnight in Florida - $28.00 
  • Priority overnight to South Florida - $20.00 


Fedex charges $15 extra for Saturday delivery

Free Shipping Eligibility:

  • Orders over $275+ qualify for free standard overnight.
  • Florida customers spend $175+ to receive free shipping.

Packages are shipped Monday through Friday or on a certain day by request.

How we ship your corals:

All corals are double - triple bagged, placed in a 3/4" thick styrofoam cooler box with free heat/cool packs and packed with up cycled newspaper or bubblewrap.  We ship out by 7pm so that your order is in transit for the least amount of time possible.  We also check your zip code on the Weather Channel before shipping to make sure everything is packed specific to the current conditions in your area.


Coral Acclimation Procedures:

For most corals, floating them for one hour to temperature acclimate them is enough. Inverts need to be acclimated slower with 50% change in water twice-three times for at least two hours. If you have any questions or concerns just contact us. We are here to help and want to make your buying experience as worry free as possible.