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Vivid's Rainbow Zoanthids

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Vivid Rainbow Zoanthid


Rare rainbow zoanthids with great color and large polyps. These are similar to sunny d, but have larger and much more intense orange in the center. These look better in person and glow under blue lighting.

First picture is of my mother colony. 100% tank-raised.


1 large polyp   1" plug     WYSIWYG 

Coral Care Guidelines:
Zoanthids are generally easy to keep and make a great addition to a new or established aquarium. Our zoanthids are grown and kept under ATI T5 lighting, but will do well in a variety of lighting conditions. Most zoanthids and palythoa like med - high lighting, moderate to strong flow, and fairly stable water conditions. They can tolerate imperfect conditions and are one of the more forgiving corals to new aquarists mistakes. Zoanthids occur in a huge variety of colors; many reefers create gardens of them in their aquariums. All new coral additions should be dipped in CoralRX, Revive, Bayer, or a coral dip of your choice to help prevent introduction of pests into your closed reef system. As vendors we do our best to sell pest free products, but you should always dip regardless of who you purchase corals from.
These are our aquarium parameters:
Salinity 1.025
Alkalinity  8.5 - 9.2
Calcium  420
Magnesium  1400





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