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Tyree Ruby with Golden Eye Chalice Coral 2

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Super bright ruby with gold eyes chalice. This coral has been growing for 2+ months. Easy to keep under medium lights. Last picture is of the mother colony.


  Approx 1.5 inches on a 1.5" tile     WYSIWYG  

Pictures taken under a Kessil AP700 Led.
Reef Gardener Inc is a Florida licensed aquaculture facility, certificate #AQ0623486
Chalice/echinophyllia care:
Chalice coral or echinphyllia are a thick plating type of lps coral that do well under medium - lower lighting. Generally the hot pink and red colors do well under high lighting, whereas the rainbow, gold, green, blue colors do well under medium lighting. Echinophyllia generally build thick plating skeletons and like medium flow. They can be fairly aggressive against other corals so it is important to give them room to grow. Chalice corals occur in a variety of beautiful colors that are fun to collect. 



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