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Red Serpent Star Fish medium

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Awesome Red Serpent Star


This is a hard to find star fish with bright red coloration. This star fish feeds on detritus, fish food, and other small particulates. Can grow up to 8 inches.

 It is reef-safe and will not harm fish or other invertebrates. It is mainly nocturnal, but will come out more during the day once accustomed to tank life.


Generally fairly hardy, it is sensitive to ph, copper, and temperature variances when first introduced so please acclimate with care. Likes to be spot fed meaty foods like krill or lump crab meat at least once a week. They will hand feed after some training.

The star fish you will recieve is approx 5 inches across.   

Reef Gardener Inc is a Florida licensed aquaculture facility, certificate #AQ0623486  

Generally fairly hardy, they are sensitive to ph and temperature variances when first introduced so please acclimate with care.



The star fish you will recieve is approx 1/2 - 1 inch across.  Generally black in color. They can grow to 2"+

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