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Ultra Highlighter Rock Flower Anemone Coral

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Huge highlighter yellow/green flower anemone. This is a big anemone with insanely bright colors. Easy to keep under medium/low lighting. Makes a good beginner coral.


 Approx 4 - 4.5 inches across   WYSIWYG


Flower anemones are non-hosting but are very easy to keep as long as you have good lighting. They are one of the only anemones that will stay in the same spot for years and not move all over your tank. Several anemones can be kept on one rock, so it looks like a flower garden.   It is important to acclimate it in lower light first, preferably under a shady ledge. This coral prefers med/low light and med/low flow for optimal growth. You can train it to eat frozen food and it will grow faster. Can grow up to 6" but this takes a long time and intensive feeding.  

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