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Pirate's Reef Starburst Acropora

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PR Starburst Acropora

New coral that we have been growing out for 5 months that has very different coloration and growth compared to our other sps. Grows fast once established and glows well under blue leds. 100% tank-raised. First picture is of our mother colony.


 Approx 1.25" super encrusted and branching frag on a 1" frag plug.



Coral Care Guidelines:

Acropora do best in established aquariums that are no longer cycling and have stable water parameters. Our acropora colonies/frags are grown and maintained under ATI T5 and 250w Radium metal halide lighting. Acropora do well under moderate to strong lighting. If you run LEDS be sure to place your new corals in moderate lighting to start and then you can move them up after a week or two of acclimation.  Acropora and montipora do well in moderate to high flow, but not direct flow that can damage the tissue. Acropora will not do well in an aquarium with high levels of phosphates or nitrates, ph swings or high alkalinity. Stability and patience is the key to keeping healthy acropora and montipora. All new coral additions should be dipped in CoralRX, Revive, Bayer, or a coral dip of your choice to help prevent introduction of pests into your closed reef system. As vendors we do our best to sell pest free coral, but you should always dip regardless of who you purchase coral from.

These are our aquarium parameters:

Salinity 1.025

Alkalinity  8.5 - 9.2

Calcium  420

Magnesium  1400



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