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Creamsicle & Apple Violet Rim Ricordea

Creamsicle & Apple Violet Rim Ricordea

  • $ 2799


Super nice combo that will rock your world. This will look nice under white or blue lights. 


2 polyps   Approx 1.5 inches 


Coral Care requirements: Our Florida ricordea are kept under a 6 bulb ATI T5 fixture that runs for 8.5 hours a day. Florida ricordea do best under medium - med high light, they will melt under very high light.  They prefer to grow on live rock instead of being loose on the sand. Ricordea coral are easy to keep in low - high flow, they will grow very large under low flow and tend to split faster in higher flow. Ricordea can be kept together in large groupings of various different colors. This coral is tolerant of higher or lower nutrients alike. Ricordea make a great addition to a new aquarium.