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Tangerine Leptoseris

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 Super bright orange leptoseris that glows like crazy. This coral does well in medium light. First picture is of the mother colony.


  Approx 1" frag plug    WYSIWYG    100% tank-raised

Pictures taken under a Kessil AP700 led lighting.

Reef Gardener Inc is a Florida licensed aquaculture facility, certificate #AQ0623486


Leptoseris care:

Leptoseris are a type of encrusting and plating coral with a thin skeleton. If you glue the frag to a large rock leptoseris then it will tend to encrust. If you keep the frag on a small rock it will grow out and plate once it has no more rock to encrust onto. Leptoseris do well in medium - low lighting, if kept under high light their coloration will tend to fade. Overall leptoseris are easy to care for when kept under medium lighting and will grow well. 

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